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20BBY,Out of the Blue


12 ABY, Chiss Command ( Orginal body)

30 ABY , The Arrows Tip, Over Coruscant ( Final body )

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1.8 meters

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None. New body cybernetic hand.

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"I shall now suck your breasts. Be clear that I only endure your company because you provide sustenance, and by drinking your milk, I can understand your tactics in combat."
―Thrawn, to his mother

Mitth'raw'nuruodo, or Thrawn, was a blue dude. He was a Grand Admiral, and the greatest military commander in history. Back when Tycho Celchu was in the Imperial forces,they were lovers and had a lot of hot near human relations, which was the only reason that Winter married Tycho. Because if a man had been with Thrawn, he was obviously quality material. The very mention of his name made New Republic officials cry for their mommy. He had a record of 6,104 and 0 in battle, with 137 wins against the New Republic. He lost only because the Force was not with him (it had been with the Galactic Empire for the past two decades, and had decided it was time to be with the Jedi).
His brother was Mitth'ras'safis.


Thrawn as a youngling

His LifeEdit

Thrawn was born on Csilla and lived with his parents until he was 19. He then left his homeworld to join the Newly formed Empire.

Thrawn joined the Empire and quickly rose to the status of Grand Admiral in the imperial navy. He owned one of the Empires largest fleets and had some guy named Pealleon work for him. He also got a a Noghri warrior named Rukh. He sent Rukh to kill some traitors to the Empire. He went into the unknown regions after the First Death Star was blown up so he would not be sent to command the second one. While in the unkown regions, he met some new aliens and had them join his part of the Empire. By 2 ABY, he was essentially th leader of the unknown regions. After the successful attack on a planet of lizard bois , Thrawn got news that the second Death Star had benn destroyed and that Palpatine was dead. Thrawn smiled, as he knew this would happen as Palpatine ignored his warning about space balls with holes. Thrawn prepared to return to the Core regions with his hudge fleet.

Thrawn surprised the Rebel scum with his amazing return, he destroyed part of the New Republic fleet before Ackbar could lead that same fleet into a trap. Ackbar then fled. Thrawn continued to demolish the New Republic, having victory after victory taking over the New Republic capital planet, and driving them out of the Core regions. He began to reform the Empire and killed Moff Bob since he wanted a Death Star three. Rukh enjoyed the murder of Bob. Thrawn beat down a Republican uprising on Duro led by Tony Bane. Bane was killed and Duro was put under Impiral control.

Thrawn now owned a mega class star destroyer that was 60km across. He had his own command room. A jedi snuck aboard his ship and tried to kill him, but Thrawns Death Troopers stopped and killed the jedi with ease. Thrawn kept the jedi's Lightsaber as art. Thrawn then prepared his fleet to counter the New Republics attempt to retake the core regions. The attack was expected and Thrawn killed many New Republic members. The Republic retreated. Rukh, mad at Thrawn for ordering the death of many Noghri, tried to kill Thrawn, but luckily Thrawn had read heir to the empire and shot Rukh in the head, killing him. Thrawn ejected Rukhs body into space as a message to the New Republic. The New Republic only had one hope, and went to find Kyle Katarn.

Kyle agreed to help defeat Thrawns empire. They lauched an attack on Thrawns fleet. Thrawn destroyed most of the New Republic fleet, but kartarn used his Powah to protect the command ship. Thrawn said it was jedi devilry as the turbo lasers had no effect. katarn they boarded Thrawns ship. Tharwn injured him but Kyle stabbed Thrawn with his Lightsaber, finally killing the chiss

Thrawn had a clone body with all his skills and memoreys. After pealleon was dead, Thrawn was reborn, fully adult and went into hiding until he could return to rule once more.

Shadow Minds and The Shadow Wars Edit

He wa found by Shockwave and a universe traveling Snoke who recruited him to their team. The trio then formed the Shadow Minds, from Shockwaves Decepticons and Thrawns supporters. They then began to plan their takeover of the universe. They started off setting up base on Ryloth, but later moved to Coruscant when they attacked it. Snoke used the force to destroy the New Republic fleet and they took over Coruscant. Snoke held a party to celabrate. They later found the location of the Autobot base and Thrawn took his fleet to the planet and destroyed their base with ease.

Thrawn was dubbed Grand Admiral of the Shadow Minds. He learned some of the Impiral tactics from the book of Tarkin. He left out the bit where Tarkin was an idiot and stayed on the Death Star until it blew up. The Shadow Wars then began as The Unity Allies formed.

The first battle was the battle of Byss, where Thrawn shot down most The Unity Allies Fighters as they tried to land on the planet to free it from Shadow Mind commander Datoo. On the ground, Snoke destroyed the attack force, resulting in Luke's narrow escape and a Shadow Mind Victory. Thrawn gained a mayjor expansion to his fleet.

The Unity Allies later attacked Nabooboo and captured the capital of Theed for a while. The Battle of Nabooboo began and Thrawn bombed Theed, forcing the Allies to retreat. Thrawn was known as one of the Allies greatest threats.

Thrawn was part of the Battle of Jedha, where he bombarded the ground forces and attacked their fleet in orbit. He later was part of the Battle of Cato Nemodia.

He was on the Command ship, The Arrows Tip, when the Unity Allies attacked Coruscant. The battle of Coruscant began. Thrawn easily destroyed most the Allies ships until someone stopped him. Optimus Prime had called Kyle Katarn to the fight. God began to destroy the mighty Shadow Mind fleet, and cleaved The Arrows Tip in half. Thrawn yelled about Jedi Devilry to an officer, before Katarn fired again, destroying the rest of the ship. Thrawn was assumed dead. He somehow lived as he was pulled into an alternate universe at the last second as his body in his former universe died. He became stuck in Disney canon, so read that for his continued tale...

Disney Canon Edit

In Disney canon, Thrawn actually was a true badass. He was exiled from the Chiss for trying to prepare them for a great incoming evil. He was found by the empire and taken to Palpatine, who inducted him inot an Impiral academy. He was bullied there, but those bullies got some karma whenthranw used his amazing mind to think up various punshimnets for them. He eventually became a Grand Admiral afterbirth his destruction of the Rebbelion on Battonn. He was then sent to the backwater planet Lothal to deal with the now well armed Rebellion there. He tracked and battlee them across multiple planets. He would let them win sometimes when he believed their victory would not mean anythng to the war they were fighting.

He was able to uncover the impiral spy a spy being Agent Kallus and let himcontinue to assist the rebels so he could track the commications to Find their base. Thrawn then had his assassin, Rukh hunt down the rebels.

He attacked Lothal to finish off the Rebelow once and for all but was somehow beaten and sent into hyperspace.

base.Thrawn Complex.

"People who are criticized for speaking properly have little time for jokes. Especially unhumorous (sic) ones."
―Anonymous Thrawn complex patient

Mitth'raw'nuruodo had a huge influence on arrogant minded individuals who mirrored themselves after him, this was known as the Thrawn complex. They would wear white uniforms, red contact lenses, paint their skin blue, speak very eloquently (usually about starships), and approach lesser individuals like <insert name here> with arrogant behavior combined with ten-credit-words. Thrawn complex was the number one cause of death for Star Wars fanboys since many of them fell victim to Gargamel.

A cure for Thrawn complex is currently being developed by the Noghri.

Born without a sense of humor? We are inspired by your courageous struggle. …Just kidding. Get the hell out of here and go read Wookiepedia's "real" article on This arrogant blue bastard.

Behind the scenesEdit

Being able to spell Mitth'raw'nuruodo's full name correctly—on command and without looking it up—is often considered by fanboys to be the mark of a true connoisseur of all things Star Wars. He is the only one to escape Kyle Katarn twice.


Mitth'raw'nuruodo in all his glory

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