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"I've Got Money In Me Bank, Sailor Whatcha Think?"
―Mr. Krabs' theme song

Mr. Eugene H. Krabs was a really krusty krab who started the restaurant known as The Krusty Krab.

Cheap LifeEdit

Mr. Krabs' empire featured only two employees: his favorite SpongeBob Squarepants and his lackey Darth Squidward who would become a Sith Lord. SpongeBob always sucked up air and inflated by blowing up many air tanks. Darth Squidward knew the one weakness of Mr. Krabs: his funny munny.


Darth Squidward finally cracked his asss. He ordered Siamese cat KoKo to kill SpongeBob's friend Patrick Star. Patrick was replaced by Yarael Poof on the show. Proof SpringBoobies ate so much that the yellow guy killed himself with a rubber band. Mr. Krabs heard of Darth Squidward's treachorous acts and tried to duel him. But Squidward Force Melt Mr. Krabs' money and then killed the krustachean turning him into his krab dinner. They faked that he died from being a prick and a shithead.


Mr. Krabs scarring Plankton for life.

Powers and Abilities

Mr. Krabs was extremely dangerous. His claws could break bone in seconds, and he could spit out sjibuttokion bubbles. He also could bombard his enemies with money. Not to mention he had the assistance of his two goons Spongebob and Darth Squidward.

He got his power from his money, causing him to do anything necessary to obtain it, and was very reluctant to spend it. Darth Squidward took advantage of this during their battle, and made him powerless using Force Bankruptcy right before killing him.

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