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A Hitchhiker's MtxDevin's Guide to the GalaxyEdit


Hello there stupid idiot who's wasting my time my friend. I present to you my guide to the galaxy far far away. Or well according to this non canon canon site. It features stuff you already know, don't care about, and didn't want to hear. It tellls you about Twil'lek females, the phase destroy your planet, and more! I hope you enjoy this guide I created. So with out interuption I present this useless important guide.

MtxDevin on Twilek Females(Males Only)Edit

What else is to say? They're hot! If you think the twilek females our ugly and you're a male I suggest you leave now. Twi'lek hater! If not you probably have seen them and read about them. You most lkely have Aayla Secura posters. How did I know you ask? I'm looking in your bedroom window right now I guess it's just a lucky guess. If you don't think Twil lek's are hot then perhaps these articals will help you: Aalya Secura, Oola, and Yuthura Ban. Still not convinced? You need help I don't know what to do.

Interview with Darth Vader on the phase: Destroy your planetEdit


Twi'lek Female

MtxDevin: Hi Darth Vader do you mind telling us about the phase destroy your planet?

Darth Vader: Sure yeah.

MtxDevin: What's the history of it?

Darth Vader: Well a while ago we where on the set and shooting for a New Hope and I got this great idea. So I said tell us where the Death Star plans are or we'll destroy your planet and well there you go.

MtxDevin: Cool. How do you feel about people copying your phase?

Vader: I hate them! They stole my phase and get the girls, credits, and fame! While I get nothing a get to be killed by the Emperor in Return of the Jedi!

MtxDevin: How do you feel about Congress debating wether the phase is we'll destroy your planet or is it I'll destroy your planet?

Vader: I think it's pointless it doesn't matter what how you say as long as you threaten to destroy there planet!

MtxDevin: Yes I understand and thanks for the interview I bleieve you said the phase to me once?

Vader: Yeah that's right and your welcome. Oh by the way. I'll Destroy you planet!

Next Week: Interview with Captain Rex Aalya Secura (Yes!)

MtxDevin on His Very Own CrapEdit

My crap is stuff people don't care about. But why do I create it? Because I absoultly don't think it's neccesary.

If you want to check out my previous articals please view the following:

Captain Rex


The Real Slim Stormie

Note: Viewing these articals may cause you to have explosive dirahera, commite sucide, or go blind. MtxDevin is isn't responsible if these thing happen to you. Thank You.

(To Be Continued)

This article is called MtxDevin's Guide to the Galaxy. MtxDevin's Guide to the Galaxy has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of MtxDevin's Guide to the Galaxy can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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