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Roger Roger, Boarding a garbage collector

-B1 Battle droid

Uh , oh, we better run the MTTs are going to catch us *snicker*

-Those idiots

The Muppetish Trash Transport carried racks of Garbage B1 battle droids across the battlefield at the awe-inspiring rate of 35 kilometers an hour! It was cabable of reaching elevations of nearly 15 feet, and terryfingly effective against gumball Boomba wielding Idiots Gungans . Indeed, the MTTs proved so effective, that the designer would be forever remembered in histroy, and the Trade Federation would conquer the Galaxy...ohh...

The MTT is a very effective ship.....It consists a dung processing engine a fancy cockpit which has the modular garbage can design.Plus its body has great aerodynamic applications to test the effect of various conditions on trash.It proved to be a vital generic trash compactor troop transporter.They provided a highly effective mean of transporting grabage to the frontlines and improving public sanitation....dont ask how.

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