The only notable Muun (even though he had plastic surgery done to change himself from the horrible fate of being a Gungan, but the doctors never told him what he was after his transformation), Darth Plagueis.

"What are we going to do, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!!!!!!!!?????????? What are we going to do about our anorexia?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
―A loser Muun

A Muun was an excessively anorexic alien species that had large ugly heads and didn't get outside at all and sat all day watching holograms of their destruction by the loser Clone troopers of the Old Republic. When not panicking about death, they held board meetings for the Intergalactic Guild of Evil Bakers. They were what we call losers/fuckin' worrywarts (over many things, such as how to buy a tiny burrito from Taco Bell to use against the Republic, how to win better when they were already winning a battle from the beginning, and other etc crap.) The only thing they did to "exercise" was to bend their bodies into incredible shapes and curves, a power that could be fine-tuned with the Force to create Force Flexible (it's amazing they didn't get fat, but these losers are like that). They ultimately lost their frickin' planet (called Muunilinst, what a coincidence) to an old man with too many clone troops to frickin' command that he just told them all to go and attack whatever the crap they felt like attacking and to dodge a miniscule amount of missiles while simultaneously beating off an army of battle droids and guys on speeders with weird lances in their hands that are destroying millions of clone cannons in two seconds and his many millions of duped clones. All the Muuns were slaughtered mercilessly and humorously after the battle, and the only surviving member of their species was Darth Plagueis, even though he had had plastic surgery done to change himself from a Gungan into whatever the doctors wanted to change him into, so they made him a loser Muun, although he never found out about it. Darth Plagueis was also the only notable/exercising-a-lot of the Muuns, and had many awesome Force powers the Muuns could only dream about in their dreams.

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Notable MuunsEdit

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