Outer Rim


Obtrexta sector, consult your physician


Muunilinst system


The Sun



Rotation period

28 hours

Orbital period

412 days




13,800 km


Type I, Breathable





Primary terrain
  • Plains
  • Forests
  • Hills
  • Urban sprawl
  • all of which are made of money
Surface water


Native species
Immigrated species
  • credits
  • dollars
  • ducats
  • francs
  • lira
  • pesos
  • shekels
  • yen
Official language

5 billion

Major cities
Major imports

Food, toothbrushes

Major exports

Metals, bank loans


Muunilinst was the rich, money-drenched homeworld of the Muuns. It had two moons and five billion Muuns. Some people called it "Moneylend" and thought they were being clever. (Complete idiots called it "Muunilist" and didn't pronounce the N.) The streets were paved with gold. No, literally.

Far back in the mists of time, the Muun-run Corbis Corporation expanded to such an extent that it began building entire skyscraper complexes out of money, gold and jewels. To this day, their corporate icon remains literally etched into the skies of the capital. The immense wealth of the Muuns came quite literally from underground volcanoes that squirted out precious metals from the planet's core. The Muuns' first encounter with the Galactic Republic went something like this:

Republic Scout: "Greetings from the Republic. We bring advanced technology, space travel, cures for all your diseases, and sleazy HoloNet dramas to corrupt your children!"
Muun Ambassador: "Greetings from Muunilinst. I propose a toast to our new friendship."
Republic Scout: "Wow, are these goblets made out of gold?"
Muun Ambassador: "Yes, what about it? Anyway, to friendship between our two peoples! Please accept this commemorative plaque on behalf of our—"
Republic Scout: "Whoa, this is solid platinum!"
Muun Ambassador: "Mmm, yes, it is. And—"
Republic Scout: "Ha! Give me ten of these, and I could buy my own starship."
Muun Ambassador: "So these, um, metals, they are... valuable to your Republic?"
Republic Scout: "Valuable? They're practically the backbone of our economy."
Muun Ambassador: [whispering intensely with attendants] "Er, yes. I believe our planet can most definitely do business with your Republic. Um, we'd like to speak to your Supreme Chancellor personally, if you don't mind."

From that point on, Muunilinst became a major economic player in the Old Republic, becoming the headquarters of the InterGalactic Banking Clan. During the Clone Wars, the Banking Clan became the financier of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, as well as helping to supply their droid armies.

Muunilinst was invaded during the Clone Wars and got totally PWNed by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Fordo and his clone troopers. They beat the crap out of Durge and captured San Hill, president of the Banking Clan.

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