Vroom, vroom, it's the Naboo N-1

The Nabooboo Royal N-1 starfighter was a stylish classic starfighter used by the government of Nabooboo because the Galactic Republic refused to send any military aid.

The craft was sleek and sassy. What it lacked in shielding, firepower, maneuverability, and targeting capability, it made up for in its yellowness, curves, and chromium fins. The seats were leather, the body was pure art deco, and the dials were analog. N-1s were used more often in air shows and fly-bys than in actual combat, which was a good thing, because your average space pirates with cobbled-together transports could beat them. Sometimes the Gungans would entertain themselves by tossing rocks at them and knocking them out of the sky.

On the positive side, the N-1 was a cinch to fly. Anakin Skywalker figured out the controls within a few seconds when he was only nine years old.

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