Nal Hutta

Hutt space


Y'Toub system


1, Nar Shaddaa


Habitable (barely)


Layers and layers of flatulance


Like a sewer

Primary terrain

Swamps, peat bogs, and toxic marshes

Native species


Immigrated species


Major imports


Major exports

More crime


Hutt cartels

"It means 'glorious jewel' in Huttese, but don't let the name fool you. Trust me, we won't be going anywhere near that place unless we want to be washing the stink out of our clothes for the next year."
―Atton Rand

Home planet of the Hutts, Nal Hutta was once a pristine planet, covered in majestic mountains and dense pine forests. Now, however, it resembles the wrong end of a Human's gastrointestinal tract, and serves as a hub for crime throughout the Y'Toub system.


Crafty businessbeings that these slimy worms were, they soon had the natives evicted, then set about turning the place into possibly the worst cesspit in the galaxy. Now, Nal Hutta mostly resembles a tauntaun-breeding kitchen, complete with slime saunas and fetid swamps...except that it covers the entire world. From here, Hutt criminal organizations reach out and grab chunks of the galaxy for themselves.

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Only insane people and criminals ever went there, as most other sentient beings had an allergic reaction to the planet. Of all the pantheon of galactic locations, perhaps Nal Hutta was most worthy of going through planetary crunch-time, but we all know that the Galactic Empire and the Sith secretly gloried in the decay of Not even the Yuuzhan Vong had the good sense to be rid of the festering ball of snot.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and throw up...Mr. Fett, could you please hand me the helmet from that guy you just killed? He's not gonna need it anymore...