New CIS as drawn by Troy Barnicles

"But it rules for a thousand years, and once I die, taylor rules for the next few years."
―Troy Barnicles commenting on the New CIS' ridiculous lifespan

The New CIS, supposed to be New Confederacy of Independant[sic] Systems but the author, Troy Barnicles (friend of Darth Taylor), is always too lazy to write out the whole damn name, was the NEW Confederacy of Independent Systems, but not really. Even though they were new, they still were the same losers with NEW added in front of their name. They were founded by the same documents and pussy Neimoidians which eventually led to them being associated with some ridiculous Force-sensitive battle droid, the Shitspawn of Darth Taylor.

"Oh, we've been fighting for a decade. All my sons died. Ah, heck, I'm tired...let's just surrender for the night, will we?"
―Some (bitchy) senator

The New Republic of Bitches surrendered because or else the New CIS wouldn't exist the Senators got tired of fighting (lol).

The government ruled for 10,000 years unopposed because the fanboy Troy Barnicles said so, but it was really because he had no idea what to write about. He was PWNED because of this, and the New CIS instead ruled for an unknown period of time, which turned out to be a joke and their planet was blown to smithereens.

Unfortunately this only led to the creation of the even NEWER CIS (author still lazy about the name).

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