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Freakin' kill all the good guys!!!


Massive PWN4G3.


Elmo's clone got raped.

The New Sith Order was created to counter Squidward's Destructive Order on the side of the Nerdi. Darth Clone saw that the Sith were losing to the Jedi and that the Sesame Street force had nearly collapsed, so he formed the Order from all the remaining Puppets and Force ghosts of Puppets. It was soon to become the most feared order in the universe.

Squidward's Plan Edit

"We are not Jedi, but not Sith either. We are nerds and we must be freaking proud!"
―Squidward Tentacles to the Geek Squad.

Bill Gates and Squidward were growing tired of being made fun of by the Jedi and the Sith, so they made a surprise attack on Coruscant. Darth Darth Binks , the leader of the Sith, called upon General Grievous , owner of WonderBra to fight back. Sadly, the general was having a meeting with La Senza, so Binks hired Darth Clone to do the job. Clone quickly formed an army from the former Sesame Street gang and defeated the Nerdi and restored cool to the galaxy. There is more to be revealed about the order coming soon!!!

Ranks and Weaponry Edit

  1. General (Darth Clone) - Black lightsaber
  2. Lieutenant (Darth Bert) - Black Lightsaber
  3. Other Dumbasses - Other Lightsabers (Mostly Red)
  4. Bounty Hunters - Lightsabers, Cock Yankers
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