King Ommin
Biographical information



3998 BBY

Physical description





2 m

Hair color


Eye color

Green and white


Metal exoskeleton

Chronological and political information

Old Republic era

Known masters

Freedon Nadd's ghost

Known apprentices

Some kid

"I wanna rock, ROCK!"
―King Ommin

King Ommin was a Sith sorcerer, King of Onderon, a direct descendant of Freedon Nadd, and a devotee of head-banging, skull-pounding metal, wooooooo!!!

As a youth, Ommin was contacted by his ancestor Freedon Nadd's ghost, who spoke to him through his Alice Cooper poster and trained him in the art of the Sith. Ommin poured all his effort into becoming a Sith lord, creating dozens of Sith artifacts, including the Guitar of Galactic Domination, the Face Paint of the Ancients, the Spiked Collar of Mastery, and the Archpowerful Bulging Trousers of the Stars. Unfortunately, his years of evil... and massive cocaine and heroin use... left a terrible toll on his body. By the age of 30, he appeared to be a typical 70-year-old man. His flesh decayed and withered. His doctors constructed a metal exoskeleton for him.

He met the love of his life, Queen Amanoa, at Ozzfest on Dxun. They were married and spent their honeymoon killing Massassi on Yavin 4. They ruled Onderon with an iron fist, until Arca Jeth and Nomi Sunrider showed up and ruined everything. Nomi was into wuss-rock and tortured the native Onderonians by playing her Coldplay CDs with the volume cranked up. Arca Jeth was even worse. He was into Lawrence Welk.

Ommin died at the hands of Ulic Qel-Droma, who destroyed his exoskeleton. Cay Qel-Droma was also a participant in the battle... and lost another one of his arms.

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