―Jabba's Rancor upon seeing his snack[src]

Oola was a popular Rancor sex toy snack. Most Hutts who had pet Rancors fed them with Oolas. Rancors mistakenly thought that Oolas were very nutritious because Oolas were green and reminded them of vegetables. They could have never been more wrong....Oolas go strait to their thighs. Oola was actually a Twi'lek dancer forced to dance for Jabba. She lived a pretty short and miserable life, and not much else can be said besides that. She was stupid for ever going into the palace, anyway. I mean, has she ever heard of Jabba the Hutt?? Hello! Like all Twi'lek females, she was hot and everybody in the palace wanted to sleep with her, but she was chained up to Jabba.

WARNING!!! This stuff is not true! Jabba had some fun for a short time with Oola. They had a baby girl named Oola-la. Her life was a hard one. She secretly had a "relationship" (It was more than that) with a sexy Jedi.

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