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Operation: Candy Fall (also known as Halloween) occured when Darth Vader and his clone troopers went to the Jedi Temple to destroy the Jedi Knights. Vader and the troops went in the Jedi Temple door to door for candy tricking the Jedi. He told the younglings do you want some candy and gave them but after that, he executed them. Jedi masters resisted the Sith candy trick then executed the clones in the room but not Vader. He chocked three at once and used his lightsaber for the rest. Cin Drallig was at the top spire of the Temple. Snickers got him into eating but before Vader could strike his apprentices Whie, Bene, and Serra Keto down, He struck back at the Clones and Vader. Serra Keto was thrown out of a Jedi Church window and the rest were slaughtered while Drallig sneezed hard. He fought Vader in a ferious duel but lost. He realized that it was his mother that planned the attack so Vader gave into his anger and struck Drallig down. Palpatine came in and gave him 8 packs of Skittles for his reward. Mission achieved, Palpatine said laughing. Vice President Bail came to the Docking Bay to find out what was happening. A fellow Jedi kid struck down half of the troops but lost the battle. Bail screamed because some of the Troopers were dressed up like ghost to scare the younglings and he was scared and escaped. Yoda was sick of feeling Jedi being killed and passed out.

Shaak Ti snatched candy from Commander Appo and escaped. Kazdan Paratus was in the Holocron room checking out his new students. The doors broke open and everyone was destroyed but Kazdan. Fellow Jedi escaped, but others weren't lucky because they didn't get any candy. Poor Jedi.

This article is called Operation: Candy Fall. Operation: Candy Fall has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of Operation: Candy Fall can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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