Planet of origin


Height of average adult

1.7 to 2.3 m

Skin color

Green, gray, brown

Hair color

Brown, black, ratty

Eye color

Red, brown


Not Gamorreans

Orcs were cheap, stupid, green-skinned brutes who made great cannon fodder for up-and-coming Dark Lords, of the Sith and otherwise. They were suitable replacements for stormtroopers when it came to fighting heroes wielding swords and bows. Orcs were easily confused for Gamorreans, but orcs were smaller, faster, stronger, and there were millions of them.

Orcs fought all the time. When not fighting and dying in wars, they killed each other or trampled flowers. Their preferred diet was weaker members of their own society, sometimes served with pork rinds for variety. Creating an army of orcs was easy. You could grow them in your basement, just like mushrooms. Once you peeled back the slime-covered gestational sac, they swore allegiance to you and lined up in neat little rows, waiting for orders to slaughter something. Dooku and Darth Saruman raised orc armies as a hobby.

If you paint them red, they run faster.

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