The Overly Litigious Association that Can't Take a Joke were dull idiots that never laugh. They formed a group because they knew they needed one. They never go on websites, since they think its too funny. They are enemies of Darth Ipedia because he is very funny. They even avoid retarded people because they might be funny. They do not watch Television or movies, play video games, or listen to songs. Ever. They have a death sentence everywhere they go. They are such idiots.

History Edit

Their history began as individuals during the Clone Wars, when they joined Dooku and the CIS under the temporary name of “The Squares”. Eventually, even Dooku's name sounded funny and they took the decision to leave after their first meeting with the CIS when the just said "Poggle the Lesser talking almost made me loosen my sphincter".

Soon afterwards, they finally formed the Overly Litigious Association that Can't Take a Joke, also known as “OLACTJ”. This group as created chaos in the Galaxy in pursuit of who they called “the funnies who’ll laugh at anything”.

Other Associations Edit

They also formed the “Hayden Christensen is a Good Actor” movement and the “Jar Jar is Cool” association, making Jar Jar their only acceptable entertainer, although they didn’t allow him to make him laugh… even if he could…

Actions Edit

They’re well known for their venomous comments over anything that they assume is, or could become potentially laughable. Anything that can create a potential joke, cause a smile, or even iniatiate a small grim, will be absolutely banned. They even stopped eating food after one of its members ate something that made him “funny” noises in his stomach. Food is now forbidden too.

Dogmas and Prophecies Edit

They also have dogmas and prophecies. One of the Dogmas is that if you start any website or anything just for fun (forbidden word), your eyes will fall and you’ll die of a terrible and painful death. Another Dogma is that by being square you can actually have sex with a woman who will think you are not such a geek (still to be proven).

As prophecies, they believe one day they will have the Square’ari. A being that isn’t able to laugh at all that will destroy the OLACTJ and from that very event will raise them more powerful than ever. Even though there’s been much speculation, it has been said the Square’ari will be a Star Trek fan…

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