"I'm looking for a great PWNerer."
Luke to Yoda when they met on Dagobah

PWN (pronounced PWN) (also PWN4G3, PWN3D and PWNZ0R3D) is a common slang phrase used when someone utterly destroys another person, whether it be by itching their butt or by simply force choking them. It can be used as a synonym for The Thing, or That Thing, or even That Other Thing, depending on the context It also means to have sex for example FUCK ME HARDER DADDY would be PWN ME HARDER DADDY

The Wall of PWNEdit

The art of PWNINGEdit

Well, basically, you either grab an AK-47 and shoot their faces off, or grab a board with a nail through it and whack their nuts(or boobies) until their dead.

Dude, you just got PWNED Edit

"B*tch got PWND" the common phrase when Pwning someone.

Darth Maul was a rape PWN4G3 victim.

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