The Pavan Brothers Pest Control Company was founded by Jax Pavan and his three brothers not long after the end of the Clone Wars. As talented exterminators, the Pavan brothers waged a never-ending war against the many pestilential creatures that lurked within the downlevels of Coruscant, the Pavans' homeworld.

The company generally worked pro bono, obtaining supplies from countless abandoned caches and sustenance in exchange for services rendered. After beginning their crusade, they became so entangled in the deepest underlevels, that they didn't even notice the ravaging of Coruscant at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong, emerging at least a year and a half after the war's end. Now old-timers, they settled down and raised families, who continued the tradition and kept the company going.

By 137 ABY, Coruscant had largely been cleared of the most hideous beasties...except for the Sith, of course...

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