The Pavan Platoon was a company of stormtroopers made up exclusively of Imperial soldiers named Jax Pavan. One hundred forty troopers strong, the unit served with distinction in the early years of the Galactic Civil War.


Formed after the Kaminoan cloner revolt, when the Imperial Army began to switch from using clones to recruits, the Pavan Platoon served as part of the guard contingent aboard Darth Vader's flagship prior to the Battle of Yavin. In the aftermath of the destruction of the Death Star, they were reassigned to the Executor, where they sat out the Battle of Hoth, much to their chagrin—or was it their accidental lack of cold-weather gear?

A year later, the Pavan Platoon found itself on Rattatak, enjoying themselves watching over Imperial operations there. When word reached the planet of Palpatine's death, the natives revolted; seeing that they were outmatched and all but helpless on a remote, blood-red dirtball, the unit's leader, Captain Pavan, rallied his men into abandoning their posts and the fast-decaying Empire. After joining up with the New Republic, the ex-stormtroopers opted to stay in uniform. The membership was divided up amongst two different commando teams: Page's Commandos and those led by Kapp Dendo.

Organization and equipmentEdit

The Pavan Platoon, as a company, was divided up into three platoon-sized units referred to as "squads", short for "squadron". Each one led by a stormtrooper lieutenant and sergeant, the three platoons were subdivided into two fire teams, each led by a corporal. A fourth smaller unit, designated the unit's heavy weapons squad and motorpool, handled all of the Pavan Platoon's heavy equipment and vehicles, which included two All Terrain Scout Transports, one JI-AT Jimmie Walker, and one HAVr A9 Floating Fortress. The crews of these vehicles, in addition to their support troops, fell under the overall command of Captain Pavan.


Known MemebersEdit



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