In the year 2321BBY, the famous Jedi Master PlsdontkillmeImnottaSith started the construction of his new weapon of mass destruction, the Penta-bladed lightsaber, using 5 standard lightsabers, a string of rope, 3 pieces of bubblegum and a large potatoe.

During the construction process however, one of the lightsabers accidentally activated, stabbing PlsdontkillmeImnottaSith through his right eye, ending both his life and the construction of the most fearsome weapon ever conceived. Upon his death, PlsdontkillmeImnottaSith toppled over, knocking a burning blowtorch from the table which set his house on fire and caused the neighbours' prizewinning collection of filled propane tanks to explode, removing all evidence of his secret work. How this knowledge reached this place is, as of yet, unknown.

This article is called Penta-bladed lightsaber. Penta-bladed lightsaber has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of Penta-bladed lightsaber can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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