Plo Koon
Biographical information



19 BBY (16), Cato Neimoidia

Physical description

Kel Dor




1.88 meters

Hair color

None (excluding pubic hair)

Eye color

Black, with silver irises

Personal shit
Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era


Plo Koon was a Jedi who thought that wearing fancy eye goggles and gas mask could make him look like Neo (a Matrix guy he saw in his dreams.)(pssst, i added the link so that you'd get the hint to make the article) He was once on the Jedi Council but was sacked when he took off his goggles and showed his rotting eyes to Yoda.

Plo Koon was stern but fair. Cruel but honest. A stonehearted bastard but yet still somehow a wise all-caring Jedi. He invented a new kind of Force lightning called Electric Judgment that was supposedly (wink, wink) not of the Dark Side.

He was reportedly killed by his fellow clone pilots above Neimoidia. His Delta-7 was ablaze from turbolaser shots before he died.


He never had a funeral. (sob sob sob)

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