Alema Rar

Alema Rar, Jedi prostitute.

"I didn't know what you did was illegal in that many systems."
Leia Organa

A prostitute, also called a whore was, typically, a female businessbeing who provided relations in what was quite possibly the oldest profession in the galaxy. Experts in their craft, a prostitute was typically paid in hard credits, often with a healthy cut taken from their pimp or madam. The more unsavory of the lot would then spend what was left over on deathsticks. It was the profession Twi'lek parents preferred to send their girls to.

Right after Luke Skywalker succeeded in setting up Rogue Squadron, Wedge Antilles found a prostitute for him as an initiation ceremony to kick off a campaign of Imperial ass-kicking.

Occasionally, male prostitutes could be found; they typically made much more money per customer due to their rarity. Most of them serviced other men, but a few serviced women.

The Jedi Order approved of prostitutes, since members were having sex but not actually falling in love or forming attachments. Don't you just love that Jedi Code? They really do think of everything.

Known prostitutesEdit

"Believe me, buddy, if I were you, I'd go right up there and ask her if she wants to ride on my rancor."
Han Solo

Pretty much the entire female half of the Twi'lek species, and possibly every Zeltron. In particular these individuals were also known to work in the profession:

Places known for their prostitutesEdit

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