RC-1207: "Boss, ze plane, ze plane!"
RC-1138: "Very funny, Sev. You're on latrine duty tonight."
— RC-1207 and RC-1138


RC-1138 also known as Boss, was born on Kamino (it was destroyed 10 years later by Sesame Street) along with the rest of Delta Farce. His instructor was Walon "Fucked Up" Vau. He fucked Delta Farce badly. It made the team better and also very fucked up (DUH!). His first mission was to eliminate Sun Fuck. He fucked up Sun Fuck like no Geonosian had ever been fucked up before. In other missions he helped the Jedi and the Republic fuck up the CIS. His last mission was to stop Darth Elmo. Elmo fucked and killed the whole squad.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Squad, fuck up!"

He liked to fuck up people. He reprimanded his squad by using his fucked up piece of equipment.

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