Warning: The subject of this article only exists in the alternate universe created by Darth Disney.

Spoiler warning: Plot spoilers, such as the fact that

(the subject of this page) is in Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, which is a Star Wars movie about the Force awakening.

may follow. Read on at your own discretion.

The Resistance was the exact same thing as the Rebel Alliance in every way, but it was much older. After the Rebel Alliance successfully defeated the empire they never managed to take the galaxy back and make things better by creating a stable New Republic. The reason they changed their name was so they looked like they actually changed something. They actually had less ships than the rebel alliance did, they completely lost their A-wing Y-wing and B-wing fighters, but they had a few old X-wing's. Therefore they had to do bombing runs with X-wing's, which they were not made for.

X wing

Half of the Resistance X-wing's

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