Roan Fel staring vacantly.

Roan Fel, or That Perverted Old Man as he was sometimes called, was Emperor of the galaxy for about five minutes. It has been observed by many that he dresses like a pimp. He was very racist (generational thing), and oooooooooooooweeeee was he ever old.

"I am not old and I am not racist!"
―Roan Fel, to Wiki contributor

Yes, you are. He's like, what, 65?

"I'm 53, GAHD DAMMIT!!!"
―Roan Fel, to Wiki contributor

It was his fault that Darth Fanon took over the galaxy.

"LIES!!! ALL LIES!!!! Why must you LIE????"
―Roan Fel, to Wiki contributor

His hobbies include stalking me on Facebook.

"Okay, that is true."
―Roan Fel

Antares DracoEdit

262px-Antares DracoHS

Antares, love of Roan Fel's life

Roan Fel's husband was Antares Draco, an Imperial Knight wannabe. After conquering a neighboring galaxy to bring under his crappy, crappy, empire, Roan Fel decided to relax at the beach planets of his new galaxy.

He was sunbathing under a palm tree with his best friend, Cade Skywalker, on the carcasses of their enemies. Fel saw Draco taking a bath nude in a tidal pool and thought he was hot.

Fel decided to take Draco home as his war bride.

"Greetings, young fellow. I am Roan Fel."

"I am Antares. Suuuuuuuuuuup?"

"Want to be my war bride, Antares?"

"Not really."

"That was a rhetorical question. I'm taking you as my war bride whether you like it or not."

"Awwww, man."

- Roan Fel picks up Antares

Krayt troll by glaciestyl-d357jb4

After stealin' his galaxy, Fanon trolled all over Fel.

Roan Fel took Antares home and they married in an elaborate wedding planned by Darth Fanon. They were married by Reverend Cade Skywalker { wait, what?}.

"Hey, Sia! Meet your new stepmom!"

- Roan Fel to his daughter Marasiah

Darth Fanon and the SithEdit

"You lousy kids GEHD OFF MAH LAWN!!!"
―Roan Fel, to Fanon's Sith

Fel and the Imperial Knights lived relatively peacefully with the Sith for a while. Fanon and Fel were best friends in elementary school. However, when Fanon tried to steal Fel's galaxy, he ended their friendship.

Well, it all happened like this: Roan Fel was having coffee with Darth Fanon to celebrate the ass-whooping that they gave the Yuuzhan Vong. Roan Fel left the room to use the can and when he came back he discovered Fanon had conquered his galaxy. Ouch.

Roan Fel pissed fuuuuuuu

Fel after Fanon usurped his throne.

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