Rodia was the homeworld of the Rodians. It was largely covered in jungle and had an extremely hot climate. Over the years, Rodian factories and cities had polluted the air so much—despite the protests of Rodian Greenpeace—that the population was forced to live in cities covered by environmental protection domes.

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It was in these cities that the notorious Rodian Mafia clans operated, mugging people in dark alleys, corrupting police officers and Galactic Republic officials, evading taxes, dealing in glitterstim and marijuana and certain services, and having massive submachine blaster battles in the streets. These would often result in great accidental property damages due to the Rodians' still-developing marksmanship skills.

Some Rodians felt a need to join the larger galactic mob, and left Rodia to become hit men, although they were often unable to find employment thanks to their reputation fostered by Greedo's grim fate.

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