Rodians, also known as Bad Aimers and Slow Shooters, and also Greedos and Lizard Heads were green, repulsive, bug-faced people who had a reputation for being really badass, but actually tended to lose fights, often resulting in their deaths. A Rodian would usually be killed roughly three minutes after they first appeared. A theory surrounded this, saying that they could shoot faster than Han Solo! But they were really, really wrong. The God always liked to shoot them with his rockin' Bryar pistol or slash them his freakin' lightsaber! The Rodian homeworld was conquered by the Empire, the Mandalorians, the dinosaurs, the Yuuzhan Vong, some other nasty species with an unpronounceable name, General Grievous (twice), the Chiss, Rodian offworld colonists, the Gungans, and a bunch of rabid Ewoks.

Notable RodiansEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

George Lucas hates Rodians, especially Rodian Jedi. Rodian Jedi often die very quickly, usually within the opening scenes, where they will be tortured, blown to smithereens, or kicked in the face. Other Rodians are frequently shot, beaten up, or otherwise abused. The entire species is the red-headed stepchild of the the galaxy.

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