"Don't eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the white carpet."
―The SWGames SWDiplomacy motto

SWDiplomacy (the Star Wars Diplomacy Wiki) was a pathetic collection of poorly copied articles Wiki for information about some online Star Wars RPG thingy. Founded by some hillbilly (just like SWGames) named BRENT POWELL, the Wiki was started by the same guy then moaned about not being credited on SWGames for originally creating some templates and decided it was okay to steal copy the main page from SWGames.

A short and badly attempted copy of the history of SWGames SWDiplomacy

As the wiki had only 4 non-copied 10 articles, there was no history, other than what was said above, although the article SWGames may help you find out.

A new function

To be copied.

Revenge of the Fudge

To be copied.

The trials of Quinlanfan

To be copied.

The Great Mergings

To be copied.

The Future

See future articles below, but I guess you can guess!



Current Articles

"Crazed Icelander with a fetish for Asian girls. Long time player."
―From the article "Binni" on SWDiplomacy

As the quote shows the better articles on SWDiplomacy where irrelevant, mostly talking about Icelandic players, who like Asian people (You disgrace Iceland, Iceland will disgrace you!), however some articles were of a much higher quality, such as the 'famed' Empire of the corn article, which included a record breaking two sentences. Many other articles have been taken from SWGames (why anyone would want to take articles from SWGames, we're not to sure) so the site doesn't make much sense (Which is surprisingly similar to SWGames)

Future Articles

Due to various hints from the leaders of the wiki, future articles are likely to be stolen with great force moved by the creators to the wiki from, you guessed it (if you didn't you're not very smart), SWGames.

More Recent History

  • The not so almighty Quinlanfan, asked everyone if he can become an admin, where he would no doubt give himself the title of Super-Overlord-Special-I-am-ze best!-God-of-all-wikis (like on SWGames).[1][2][3][4]

Present Day


A screenshot showing the wiki's creator's talk page on SWDiplomacy, click for a larger version so you can read the details. All pages look like this now. Someone's forgotten to pay the bills...

At this time the imagineless superbly original creators of SWDiplomacy have faced problems with finace and the site is currently not available. Just like unlike SWGames. Wow, hang on a minute, just NOT like SWGames? Maybe the apocolipse is starting...

Notes and references

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