Sabine Wren is a member of the rebels team. She claims to be a Mandalorian but has no Mando qualities whatsoever. In fact what she really is a grave robber, she stole the Mandalorian Armor that she wears from the grave of a True Mandalorian warrior who died fighting bravely to protect her younger brothers and sisters (related by blood i might add). She is obsessed with painting things, for whatever reason she claims "The war will be won with Graffiti". She often gets distracted on missions, because the team assumes being a Mando she would be good at killing people, she wastes all her time painting murals. Sabine is also addicted to getting high off of paint Fumes. Hera Syndulla is the only known person to have seen her naked.

Encounter With a Ghost Edit


The Ghost of Canderous Ordo confronts Sabine.

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Once Sabine was visited by the Ghost of Canderous Ordo who was furious to see the mandalorians had become so lame. Sabine argued that being born on Mandalore (planet) automatically made her a Mandalorian because that's where Mandalorians originated from (not). Canderous said "Your a fucking idiot Fett is going to kill you and all your friends" then he disappeared.

Facing RealityEdit

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Sabine meets real Mandal!

Sabine stole Mandalorian Armor from a dead Mandalorian warrior, she met some real Mandalorians who were extremly displeased that Sabine was calling herself a Mandalorian, so they proceded to "PURGE THAT OSIK" But by pure dumb luck she managed to escape. She then cried like a little bitch because she wasnt really a Mandalorian! she was just some Teen who got high off of Paint Fumes. So she thought that in order to be a real Mando she had to have Mando Armor! So she stole a set of Armor from a dead Mandalorian Heroine...


Because Sabine robbed the grave of an honored fallen Heroine the Mandalorians placed a huge bounty on her head so every Bounty hunter and Mandalorian in the galaxy was on the look out for her.


Eventually a Mandalorian Warrior named Araxuss Yexyr tracked down Sabine and Fried her brain, thus putting an end to the grave robber.

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Sabine meets her end!

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