Addictive substances... stay away from those limes, man

"I need some salt, man."
"Go ahead."
"I need it
now, man!" [draws switchblade] "I need it now or I'm gonna bleed ya, man!"
"Look, put the knife away. It's on every table next to the pepper and it's free.
―An Arcona visits a local Applebee's

Salt, or sodium chloride, was a common flavoring spice used all over the galaxy. No, not a spice, just a spice. Salt was perfectly safe and not addictive at all.


(piano chord)

You were an Arcona.

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To the Arcona species, salt was a drug so highly addictive, it became a lifestyle for millions of its victims. Arcona who tried salt once became desperate for salt. They poured it onto the table, chopped it up fine with a credit card, rolled up a flimsiplast and snorted it right up their ugly nostrils. It filled their heads with bright exploding fog and turned their eyes gold with salt-lust.

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