Sam "Gordon" Graham, the 106th child from the list of Children of Grover and Aayla Secura, was considered to be one of the strangest gay children in the family. He spent many days of his childhood dressed as a giant robot chicken whilst licking the dirt of his feet. He went to school at the "College of Vertically Challenged (yet somehow gifted) Sith" where he spent his days learning to be an evil dweller.

Early on during his time in the college his mentor Darth-2-D2 noticed Sam "Gordon" Graham's ability to fly. Whilst this was an unusual ability found in the Sith Darth-2-D2 ignored it as a random occurrence. Only later in 35 BBY did Darth-2-D2 notice how Sam "Gordon" Graham had the ability to run at light speed, listen to people over a mile away, see through people and had super strength. Only a couple of months later and Sam "Gordon" Graham had left the college and written in his escape letter was some strange language that is now known as Kryptonian and was translated to say

"Not everyone has it inside themselves to

be evil, I have run away so that I can fight you

evil son of a [REDACTED] (but I'm sure you

get my drift there)and I will use my powers

to defeat you as long as you never find out that

my weakness is the rock of my home planet."

Not much was heard about Sam "Gordon" Graham from then but their have been speculations which said that his brother #83 heard of his brother's betrayal to the Sith and went in hunt of him to burn him into shreds. Now this is mighty violent and I prefer to think that rather than being brutally murdered he was hiking across a ring world now known as "Halo" when a big fat creature that looked like a brain (also known as flood carrier) jumped out from behind a tree and went BOOOOOOOOOM spreading large angry testicles towards Sam " Gordon" Graham. Unable to predict that that would happen, the angry testicles made like a facehugger from the film Aliens and turned him into a brown lump of walking poo. (Or so I think)...

This article is called Sam "Gordon" Graham. Sam "Gordon" Graham has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of Sam "Gordon" Graham can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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