Sesame Street Frigate
Production information

Da-Da Binks Corporation





Technical specifications

160 meters


25 meters


40 meters (without sails)

Maximum acceleration

2400 knots

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

1600 knots

Engine unit(s)

Solar sails

Hyperdrive system





Top-quality mahogany

Sensor systems

A sailor in the crow's nest

Targeting systems


Navigation system

Built-in compass

Escape craft

Erm... none

  • 90 turbolaser gunners
  • A bunch of petty petty officers
  • 3 superlaser gunners
  • 1 charwoman
  • 1 cook
  • A sailor in the crow's nest
  • Sesame Street members
  • Prisoners of war
  • Clients

2 months

Life support

Yes (Duh)


Planet destruction




Desa Era of da Maxi Bombad Binks Sithies


2 years before the Duck Wars


A Big Bang

Latest sighting

Shortly after the Elmo's death

Present for battles/events

Sesame Street

Known owner(s)

Darth Elmo

Known crewmembers
Known commander(s)

Darth Elmo

Crew: "♫Yar har fiddle dee dee...♫"
Elmo: "Idiots..."
— One may wonder why the crew regularly underwent changes

The Sesame Street Frigate was a powerful frigate that could easily destroy fifteen planets within mere minutes. Utilizing back-to-the-basics design, it turned out to be eerily destructive instrument of planetary annihilation, nigh-invincible starship capable of utterly PWNing entire opposing battlefleets in a blink of an eye.



The warship had been constructed in Da-Da Binks Corporation shipyard, 2 years before the outbreak of the Duck Wars. It was awarded to Sesame Street by Darth Darth Binks after destroying so many planets.

Destruction of the Xantago XVVIIIEdit

One of the first planets they destroyed with it was the Xantago XVVIII, which was presumed to be an uninhabited world. Although, Darth Elmo discovered that one of Darth Darth Binks' enemies had built a base on the planet, which meant it was indeed inhabited. When Darth Elmo told Darth Darth Binks about this, the Sith Mega-Super-Overlord ordered the immediate destruction of the world. Darth Elmo planned the destruction carefully: he told Ernie to prepare the explosives while they traveled to Xantago XVVIII. Once they got to the planet, Ernie piloted their ship, Bert placed the explosives, and the other members killed everyone that tried to stop them.

Sesame Street ServiceEdit

The Sesame Street Frigate served well its owners as a mean of transport and an ideal instrument of total destruction. Elmo obliterated a couple several countless worlds, such as planet Yoyo, and used the ship to conquer the very first two three planets constituting his own Sith Empire.

The Duck WarsEdit

During the conflict between the Daffia and the Sesame Street, Elmo made a heavy use of the warship. The frigate destroyed several planets occupied by the Duck forces and a whole bunch of their intimidating battlecruisers. Its experimental mahogany-reinforced hull proved (somewhat surprisingly) to be highly resistant to turbolaser fire, much to the Ducks' dismay.

After the fierce duel with the Sith Underboss Darth Ducky, Darth Animal was taken on board to recover and prepare for the next task. Shortly afterward, the Sesame Street Frigate appeared in the Anatos System. Then, the furry Sith ordered the destruction of the Duck'o Prime, the Ducks' homeworld, putting a sudden end to the war.


The ship participated in numerous subsequent Sesame Street's missions, annihilating countless planets and even some moons. However, after all the organization members had died, with the exception of Bert and Dearth Nadir, the warship met an untimely fate. While taking the ship to Tatooine, the intergalactic armada recognized the ship and started to shoot at it. The ships were so powerful, it didn't even stand a chance. Bert managed to escape the warship by the skin of his teeth, but Dearth Nadir was too stupid to leave and was blown to smithereens as a result.


The Sesame Street Frigate was a novel warship design in that it used solar sails alone to attain propulsion. It also featured unsealed cut-outs in its hull for firing turbolasers from. Not surprisingly its gunnery crews had very short life expectancies.

Sensors were replaced by a sailor residing in a crow's nest in the upper part of the mainmast of the ship. It had also a very precise navigation system, consisting of sensitive, built-in compass. These solutions were both economical and efficient, at least according to some people. Moreover, he claimed that the top-quality mahogany used to build the hull came from a God-forsaken backwater planet where trees were 300-meters tall, fire-breathing carnivores locked in perpetual combat with local bug people... yeah.

The powerful, planet-destroying superlaser was placed on the beakhead of the ship.



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