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―Shia LaBeouf, to numerous individuals.
Shia LaBeouf
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Shia LaBeouf , know by the Sith as Darth Shia and by the Jedi as Shiawalker, is a Force-sensitive Human Male who is widely known to be the greatest strategist, tactician and motivational speaker in the Galaxy, and the founder of Doitism.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Many believe Shia was born on Tatooine (or at least visited there once), like everyone else of any importance. At some point he found by the Jedi Order and trained. When? We don't know! What, did you the we've stalked him his whole life?

Dawn of Do ItEdit

During a time of great conflict, rumored to be the Mandalorian Wars, Shiawalker couldn't stand watching the Jedi Council sit idly by while billions of lives were being lost, so he took matters into his own hands and gave his now famous speech to the Jedi Masters and, after they still refused to act, left the Order to fight for the Republic, whom he led to victory thanks to his brilliant straight-forward strategies. After his service he began his long quest get things done, and went on to found the Philosophy of Doitism, motivating trillions of sentients, which led to a prosperous time where actual decisions were being made, even in the Galactic Senate. His actions blessed him with the Beard of Katarn.

Decline of the RepublicEdit

Years later however, despite Shia's efforts, laziness began to fill the senate once more. However, on Naboo he found a promising young politician whom he took on as a pupil, and motivated him to further his political career, become a Sith, take on an apprentice of his own, kill his teacher, and set up an Invasion of Naboo as an excuse to become Chancellor.

Anakin and the Clone WarsEdit

Shia and Ani

Shia motivating Anakin to kiss Padme through the Force.

After restoring political expedience to the Republic, Shia roamed the Galaxy seeking out others to motivate, and found Anakin Skywalker, a whiny young Padawan from guess where. He helped Anakin get the girl, kill the Sand People (like animals), go to save Obi-Wan Kenobi (only to just get captured) and charge at Count Dooku like an idiot. Meanwhile, he motivated the Senate to start the Clone Wars against the Confederacy of Independent Systems, during which he once again served in the Republic Military, helping win victory after victory.

Fall of the JediEdit

Shia and Palpy

Shia and Palpatine telling Anakin to kill Dooku.

In the final days of the war, Shia played an important role in Palpatine's plot against the Jedi, such as the death of Dooku at the hands of Skywalker, turning Anakin to the Dark Side and the execution of Order 66 (with extra fries).

The Dark TimesEdit

After the success of Order 66 (with extra fries), Shia continued to serve the Galactic Empire as one of Emperor Palpatine's most trusted advisers, motivating progress, conquest, genocide, democide, wookicide, muunicide, environmental destruction, use of excessive force, making good on threats, the revealing of the location of Rebel Bases, the destruction of said bases and the construction of fully armed and operational battle stations. His greatest accomplishments are motivating the dissolution of the pit of never-ending boredom that was the Galactic Senate and the sudden disappearance of Alderaan.

Luke SkywalkerEdit

However, his Imperial service ended when he found another whiny young guy from Tatooine whom he decided to motivate to join the Rebel Alliance and blow up the Death Star. He would later help Yoda train Luke in the ways of the force.


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