Shimrra Jamaane was the Supreme Overlord of the Yuuzhan Vong. He had a habit of invading neighboring galaxies and then attempting to impose the Yuuzhan Vong way of things on the civilizations in front of him. He would even go so far as to claim that non-combatants were rebels, troublemakers and spies for the defending governments — that is how deep his self-obsession, arrogance and paranoia went.

Has it been mentioned that he was really a paranoid kid who only became such a prick because he failed at almost everything else he attempted? Well, he was. His paranoia got to the lulzy point where he would have whole communities or countries sentenced to death simply because they knew a guy who was friends with a girl whose father was the brother of the uncle of the guy who refused to bow down to his unlawful imposition on his galaxy's way of life.

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Even though he was a monumental power-control freak, usually assisted by an underdog or two, who were just as paranoid and power obsessed as he was (like Warmaster Tsavong Lah), he got what was coming to him when the defending galaxy sent a gang of Jedi, led by a rogue and mild-mannered Jedi Master, to absolutely and utterly pwn him and his cronies. So, in the end, his paranoia and arrogant attitude got him into trouble and led him to get his ass handed to him by the galaxy whom he had so blatantly and unlawfully invaded for absolutely no other reason than to compensate for how pathetic his life, and the lives of his underlings, was.

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