Shu Mai
Biographical information



19 BBY, hacked, slashed, eaten by Darth Vader

Physical description

Gossam, Food





Eye color

Diced carrot

Chronological and political information

Shu Mai was a traditional dim sum pork and mushroom dumpling. She consisted of seasoned ground pork, chopped shrimp, and tantalizing bits of Chinese black mushroom. Her outer covering was a thin sheet of baked lye dough. She was then deep fried and garnished with a diced carrot.

She could be served with rice, steamed vegetables, or tofu.

Shu Mai also served as presidente of the Commerce Guild, which joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems. She became a high-ranking member of the Separatist Council, along with Wat Tambor and Tikkes and Poggle the Lesser. She was brutally murdered by Darth Vader. He then ate her with some soy sauce and fried rice, but an hour later he was hungry again.

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