Darth Vader

Darth Vader, one of the many Dark Lords of the Sith.

"Meesa promote yousa to Sith Lord, and yousa shall be known as Darth..... Small Dark Lord of the Sith."
Sith Mega-Super-Overlord Darth Darth Binks, promoting his apprentice to Sith Lord status

Sith Lords, a.k.a. Dark Lords of the Sith were freakin' awesome Sith that ruled the galaxy! A Sith Apprentice would be promoted to Sith Lord when he completed his training, destroyed at least one planet, when he became hugely awesome, or when he became crazy enough to not care about blowing up a Death Star with a billion people in it. Since all Sith had done one or more of these things during their lifetime, all Sith were Dark Lords of the Sith, kind of taking away from the specialty of the title. Sith Lords had many better frickin' Force powers than the much more lame Jedi Knights, like Force penis-lightning and Force cry me a river. Some favorite sayings of Dark Lords such as Darth Vader include "destroy your planet" and "for now". Some favorite pastimes of Dark Lords included drinking, destroying your planet, and saying and doing just plain mean stuff. Dark Lords created many Empires, including the Galactic Empire (what an original and inspiring name for all losers in the galaxy). When a Sith Lord was more evil that most Sith Lords they would be promoted to Sith Overlord.

The Sith OrderEdit

"How well put together is the Sith Lord organization? It's not put together at all. We're all kind of free roamers who do bad stuff when we feel like it. For starters, this morning I felt like taking that awesome chick with a knack for accessories for a ride in my speeder (built for one), so I caught up with their starship and this weird Qui-Gon Jinn guy was standing in-between us, so I fought him, my first bad deed of that day. He got away, but as I stood there watching their starship fly away, I thought how fun it would be to have that guy in bed with me. So no, no order whatsoever, so why don't you just go look up The Rule of As Many As Want To Be A Dark Lord of the Sith, As Long As Everyone Is Happy on Darthipedia. Now leave me alone, idiotic interviewer, I've got a death stick to finish."
Darth Maul

Such interviews like this fateful one with the elusive Darth Maul have shed much insight into the makings of the Order of the Dark Lords of the Sith of Evil, Coolness and Awesomeness. But the details are so very perverted and Force power/lightsaber action-packed that we cannot release all the gory details of their rise.

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