Sith The Hutt was a Sith Mega-Super-Overlord who after the death of Darth-Darth Binks built a team called the New Sith, a replacement of the Sith, when he took on Darth Peter Griffin in the Sith and Darth Daddy in the New Sith

Life as a Sith Edit

Earning his father's approval Edit

Sith went on to become an actual Sith, the only problem was he didn't have a master, after Bowser became a Sith, the problem was solved and his father was proud but Jedi had nothing to do but brag about how much he wants to be a Jedi, until he actually became one

Sith Training Edit

He didn't have a much stable life in training at the Sith Academy, anyway after learning that Albus Dumbledore had killed his father, Bully, he killed and disguised as Severus Snape in order to kill Albus Dumbledore

Accidentally Killing His Master Edit

after building the Donut Bomb and throwing it at Bowser when it was meant to hit The he

Winning The Rank Edit

Darth-Darth Binks made him a Sith Mega-Super-Overlord after all his murders

Taking On Darth Peter Griffin Edit

He found Darth Peter Griffin who had a brief rivalry with Darth Homer and took Darth Peter Griffin as his apprentice

Life As An Evil Master Edit

One Day Only Edit

before building The New Sith he joined the Evil Masters until he was kicked out after accidentally killing Abomination

Life As a New Sith Edit

Building The New Sith Edit

he built the New Sith as a replacement for the Sith

Taking On Darth Daddy Edit

he took on Darth Daddy after killing his children and wife

Rise Of The New Sith Edit

many wanted to join and there was few jedi since nearly all of them had been killed

Death and Fall Of The New Sith Edit

after making another Donut Bomb, Darth Daddy turned good because he found out that Sith killed his parents and sacrificed himself by making the bomb fall on both of them