Sith Interventions were the best kind of interventions there could be in the galaxy. They were to allow Sith lords to express their feelings of girliness anger and hatred, usually to kill the specialist helping them. However, these meetings usually help the Sith lords out tremendously; most who went through them resigned their Sith post.

The Great Sith Intervention of 19 BBYEdit

In 19 BBY, the young whippersnapper Anakin Skywalker was brought to the Jedi Council chambers for some one-on-one time with a woman specialist. There, they discussed many hot and steamy random and boring topics for a while. Finally, Anakin had had enough of this dilly-dallying, so he used a couple of force powers to get it on with the woman. They enjoyed a long, three hour session together, a session that even Mace Windu was envious of.

Anakin high res

Uhh..come on...would you stop talking? You're boring me to tears! Can't we just get it on already?

In Darth Crate's Sith OrderEdit

Another Sith intervention took place for Darth Anger. After a short meeting with two male specialists as requested by Darth Crate, Anger stabbed both of the specialists helping him. When asked about the ordeal later, he said they told him "You need help and you know it", which made him think about his sex life actions while in bed the following night. After the intervention, he resigned from his post as apprentice to Darth Crate.


Darth Anger was told he had some issues. Watch out!

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