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Sky Does Minecraft, also known as SkythekidRS, MAKEAWISH, and Squidkiller, is an evil person who wants to destroy Minecraft. His best friend's name has never been revealed to the public, but his other friends include Entity 303, Null, Budder, Elmo, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, all the other 2016 candidates, Barney, Osama Bin Laden, and Jabba The Butt. He is very famous for his Minecraft "suggestions" such as making the terrain all gently rolling budder hills with double budder tall grass on EVERY BLOCK, with no scenery or building space. He also wants "realistic" and gross graphics, as well as to turn Minecraft into a first-person shooter game with similar aspects of the horrible game called Call Of Duty.

He is currently locked in a padded sound proof cell to keep his annoying noise out, and is in with his best friend. His diet is three Big Macs per day, although maybe more if he behaves in his cell...

He has always done torturous executions of random animals he picks up, mainly throwing budder into their flesh and ripping their skin and muscle tissue off, causing a slow, painful death. He used to do this until death in his arena, but now he is trying to switch to throwing them in sarlacc pits if he can manage to escape his cell.

He is most famous for his Minecraft gaming channel, Sky Does Minecraft, which also happens to be his name. He does annoying things in it, mainly killing innocent squids, mining budder, which is an evil version of gold with marijuana and the dark side of the force, and being annoying. He uses mods to make Minecraft exactly like he wants it, and making fun of the squids and noobs. He has 666,000,000,000 views and 13,000,000 subscribers.

His main enemies are Notch, Herobrine, Pink Sheep, Purple Shep, all squids, Jar Jar Binks, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker. Jar Jar was once put into the execution arena, and is the only one ever to escape (alive). Sky hates Lumas, apparently teaming up with Darth Rosalina once to kill all of them off.

Thank goodness, Sky is now locked in a cell by Notch and Herobrine, which has a thick, steel door, iron walls, and a concrete floor, and the window has iron bars in front of it. They put him in with the animals he executed the night before, although they can get out for obvious reasons.


Sky's favorite food is McDonald's. Sky is a yucky teenager and Soc, despite being an adult. When playing on vanilla Minecraft, he mostly uses porn maps.