The Soft Star, a.k.a. the Microsoft Star, was a mega-ultra-powerful-planet-blower-upper-thing. It was built by the Microsoft Empire, a race of complete robots that had a collective mind. Darth Bill commanded it. It was inspired by panic over the success of the iStar, and promised to match the Macintosh starship in every way.

Version 1.0Edit

Although lacking in certain key features such as planet destruction the Soft Star had proven very useful at calculating spreadsheets, producing documents, and creating top-notch holo-presentations. For this reason it was often used by the ICUN. The weapons were also known to crash frequently, however Darth Bill promised to fix these and the other numerous problems in the next update(which is still awaited).

Version 1.1Edit

This version does and will never do ANYTHING. It doesnt even have a planet-blower-upper-thingy , and Darth Bill fixed a spelling error in the opening program, the error didnt even exist! He just wants to show up the iStar (which btw is still at Version 1.0 according to our latest intel. But our intel sucks, our spies are motherfrakkin STUPID!)

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