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Template:Infobox Sonic was Mario's personal rival, and the leader of the planet rescue team Sonic Heroes, the rivals of the Super Smash Bros Brotherhood. He was overjoyed when the majority of the latter was slaughtered by Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers, but his end came not long after he choked on his favorite food.

Early LifeEdit

Sonic was born on Mobius. Everyone noticed his superhuman speed, and the fact that was the lousiest swimmer in the galaxy. They tried to teach him swimming lessons, but they failed miserably. He quickly became addicted to chili cheese dogs when he across a chili dog stand run by a homeless drunk. When he was 21, he became aware of the threat of planet destruction teams after Sesame Street blew up his home planet (which he survived due to his extra life), and decided to form a team to save them from this horrible fate.

Sonic HeroesEdit

Sonic formed a planet destruction team known as Sonic Heroes. It consisted of seven members. Although it only had seven members, it was just as effective as the Super Smash Bros. Brotherhood. He not only saved a bunch of planets, he also kicked Muppets in the ***. Speaking of the Super Smash Bros. Brotherhood, it wasn't long though before he met a rival in the planet saving business, known as Mario. The plumber and the hedgehog quickly drew a hatred for each other.

Destruction of Super Smash Bros. BrotherhoodEdit

Eventually, tired of having the Super Smash Bros. Brotherhood save planets before he could, he pinpointed Darth Vader of the planet savior team's base location. Darth Vader came and slaughtered everyone, sans Pikachu who was away from the base at the time. He was overjoyed, but his victory didn't last long.


One day Sonic decided to eat a chili dog. However, he didn't take little bites, and the chili dog ended up choking him. He suffocated on the chili dog due to the fact that none of his fellow members knew of the Heimlich manuever. They held a funeral for him not long afterwards.

Alternate EndingEdit

Some say he was infected by the Weegee virus.

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