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"Oh my God. Do you know what this is? This is a dinosaur egg. The dinosaurs are breeding."
―Dr. Alan Grant upon finding a Ssi-ruuk egg[src]

The Ssi-ruuk (Ssi-ruu in singular form) were a species of large carnivorous dinosaurs believed to have evolved in the late Cretaceous period. They were considered one of the greatest failures in and beyond the galaxy for their numerous unsuccessful attempts at invasion.


The Ssi-ruuk originated as prehistoric dinosaurs on a distant world. They lived in packs and preyed mainly on sauropods. Unfortunately, they became extinct when a meteor struck their homeworld, killing all the dinosaurs and allowing mammals to become the dominant form of life.

Millions of years later, the Ssi-ruuk were resurrected through genetic engineering and placed in a certain theme park. During a power outage, they escaped, built a starship, and left their planet.
Eventually, they reached the Ssi-ruuk Star Cluster, a cluster of stars in which they made their home. They developed an advanced civilization based off sucking the life force out of humans and other lizards using electric chairs.

Right after the second Death Star blew up, the Ssi-ruuk tried to invade the galaxy to harvest humans and establish the Matrix. They attacked Bakura, but got utterly pwned by both the Rebels and the Empire. The Chiss pwned them again when they got home.

Twenty-four years later, the Ssi-ruuk decided that they hadn't had enough PWN the first time around and invaded Bakura again. It was going well...until their commander turned out to be a Yuuzhan Vong in disguise. Their homeworld was then devastated by the Vong, this time for good.

Notable Ssi-ruuEdit


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