"Look at the size of that thing! ...Wait, that totally didn't come out right."
Carth Onasi
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The Halos Star Forge was a mythological forge from which the first stars were formed. After that, it was used by the Rakata and later Darth Revan to create mass quantities of starships, weapons, battle droids, burritos, Play boy and the first Xbox. It was taken over by Darth Malak after he became the Dark Lord of the Sith, and later destroyed by a treacherous double agent redeemed Revan and the Galactic Republic during a battle in which Malak also died from indigestion. It is rumored that before it was destroyed, a mysterious figure used its furnaces to make a strange gold ring covered with a strange script. Realizing that it must counterfeit Lord of the Rings memorabilia (and an example of vary bad fan fiction), George Lucas immediately hunted it down and disintegrated it in order to avoid copyright lawsuits.