Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Pants

Darth Lucas


Darth Lucas


Darth Lucas

Music by

The badass cyborg


Darth Lucas


3265 BBY


5001 years








Darth Lucas Era

Preceded by

Star Wars Episode II: Pants of the Clones

Followed by

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Pant

A decade after the events of Pants Wars Episode II: Pants of the Clones, the evil Pantith have arisen and have begun constructed their biggest pair of boxers. Pantapine has been captured by Count Pantuu, and therefore Pantakin Pantwalker and Only-Wan Pantobi are sent to save him. However, along the way Pantakin turns gay and decides to worship Palpy as his god. He eventually falls into the dark ways of the Pantith and becomes one of their chief overlords.

Only-Wan Pantobi finds that the Pantith have corrupted the Panti computers and traces down the source. He discovers that an old cyborg known as Pantievous has joined the Sith and that the Pantith are constructing their new Boxer Mall. Needless to say, Pantakin Pantwalker is flirting with Panty Pantadila and Only-Wan Pantobi is showing some slight distaste at this revelation, especially since Pantakin is late for a Panti board meeting and he yells at Anny, since Only-Wan thinks that work is far more important than settling down and having a family.

Needless to say, to prove his worth to the Jedi, Only-Wan goes to confront Pantievous and Pawns him. Therefore the way is paved for Pantakin to become a Pantith. Palpy, Pantakin's boyfriend, gives the order for Pant Size 66 and exterminates all the Jedi. Good riddance.

The Y-Front Troopers revealed as the armies of the Pantith, Only-Wan flees his troopers and goes into hiding. He sees a hologram of Pantakin making out with the Empy, and then he immediately flies to Mustafar when he realizes that his beloved apprentice is actually gay. A massive battle takes place, which ends up with Pantakin losing his legs and one hand, and rather than just kill Darthy once and for all, Only-Wan decides to leave him, knowing full well he'll be collected by Palpy, which occurs.

Panty gives birth to Puke and Y-Front as punishment for her little indescrution. Meanwhile, Pantakin becomes Darthy, who PWNs all. A massive pair of Y-Fronts is shown hovering in space as Palpy and Darthy look out upon the boxer's mall.

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