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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Darth Bay


Steven Spielberg


Darth Reggae Legend

  • Shia LaBoeuf
  • Darth Salsa
  • Peter Cullen
  • Agent Smith
  • Charlie Adler
  • John Turturro!
  • Mark Ryan
  • Dr. Claw
  • Tony the Tiger
  • James Earl Jones
Music by

Darth Reggae




One Week






English, Cybertronian



Preceded by

Star Wars Episode VII: Transformers

Followed by

Star Wars Episode IX: Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen or Star Wars Episode VIII: Revenge of the Fallen is a 2009 sequel to Transformers and eighth Star Wars film.

Synopsis Edit

The film opens thousands of years before the first film. Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble are chasing the cat to make it stay out for the night. Unfortunately, the cat suddenly disappears and is replaced by The Darth The Fallen who picks up Fred who says, "BAAAAARNEY!" The film cuts to two years after the first film. There are two Decepticons in Chinkland, so everybody is evacuated. The Autobots are sent in. They consist of Optimus Prime, Cantinflas, N*gga and Mr. T, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Clint Eastwood, and Ratchet. They quickly (I mean VERY quickly) kill The Other Barricade and later kill Darthmolishor.

Darthmolishor: "This is not your planet to rule. The Darth The Fallen shall rise again!"
Optimus: "Not today, Scavenger!"
Darthmolishor: "But I'm Demolishor!"
Optimus: "Who cares!" BOOM!

Back in the USA, Ladiesman217 is preparing to go to college when his psycho mom has a mental breakdown and tries to strangle him with his baby booties. Sam Ladiesman freaks out and brings his appliances to life with the Force Cube to attack his mom. The appliancebots temporarily subdue her, making her say, "THIS SUCKS!" Ladiesman calls Megan Fox, his girlfriend, about him seeing symbols after he touched the cube. Then, out of nowhere, Ladiesman's mom blows up his room with a bazooka. When Ladiesman asks her why she did that, she says she plans to blame it on her son's transforming car Bee-otch, so in order for her to keep it quiet, they would pay for a remodel. Ladiesman gives Megan the cube for safekeeping. He leaves for college and meets three nerds named Leo Spitz, Sharsky, and Fassbinder. Suddenly, his mother who is on reefer busts in and tries to rape the four boys, but is stopped by her husband and is driven home. The last thing she says is "It's my treat day. I CAN EAT ALL THE FRICKIN BROWNIES I WANT!" in reference to her husband trying to take away her reefer brownies. The screen cuts to a class being attended by Ladiesman. The teacher, Dwight Schrute from The Office, gets mad at him for having a mental breakdown because of the Force Cube. Back home, Megan agrees to come and see Ladiesman, but their conversation is interrupted by SpongeBot, a Decepticon after the cube. Megan torches his eye, making him yell out "HEY THAT'S MY EYE YOU CRAZY BITCH!" Meanwhile, in space, Soundwave tentacle rapes hacks a satellite and finds out the location of the Force Cube and their fallen leader Darth Megatron. Ravage coughs up a bunch of hairballs that slice off half of the cube and bring it to Darth Doctor. Ravage and the doctor, along with Constructicons Darth Other Mixmaster, Darth Other Long Haul, Darth Skipjack, Darth Scavenger, and Darth Ze Little One go to the bottom of the supposed deepest spot in the ocean and kill Ze Little One AND revive Megatron. WEE! Darth Megatron flies to Coruscant and meets his master The Darth The Fallen along with Darth Vader, Grievous, and Starscream. The Fallen tells Megatron that the Force Cube's knowledge has been absorbed by Ladiesman217. Megatron asks what the knowledge is and his master tells him that it tells the location of the key to activating a machine that would destroy your sun. (Note that also, The Fallen mentions that only Optimus can kill him. This phrase becomes important later.) Back at college, Ladiesman is gettin' in on with Alice, a student. Suddenly, Alice becomes a werewolf and attacks Ladiesman just as Megan enters with Leo (note that Sharsky and Fassbinder are not there, this is because they were eaten by Ladiesman's mom). OOPS I FORGOT THE SCENE WHERE THE FRICKIN YELLOW CAMARO PICKS UP LADIESMAN AND ALICE AND SPRAYS HER WITH YELLOW GOOP AND THEN THEY MEET OPTIMUS AND THEN GO BACK TO COLLEGE, BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE THIS SCENE WAS STUPID (and this sentence is also a run-on). Anyway, Megan hot wires a car and runs over Alice (kiss that, bitch!) but then the guy who looks like Blackout kidnaps them and takes them to Darth Megatron. Zen, ze Dackta trrrieeees to take out ze braieeen and lay it on ze taeeeble so zat Megatrrron can fieeend out where ze key to ze sun destrrroya eeesss! But then, Optimus, Beeotch, Clint Eastwood, and Ratchet come to the rescue. In the process, Megatron falls out the window and runs away to the forest (why???), Starscream disappears, we don't know what happens to Grindor, and Madame Gasket is murdered by her own son Ratchet (and you thought the Ratchet from Robots and the one from Transformers were different). In the middle of the woods, Optimus has sex with fights Grindor, Starscream, and Megatron while the other Autobots just stand there and watch him die by Megatron's sword shortly after tearing Grindor's head off. Back in space, The Fallen makes a mistake and says "The last Prime is dead," about three seconds before Optimus utters "Sam Ladiesman, run!" and THEN dies. After the battle, Megatron flies into space to ask The Fallen about something that had been bugging him for awhile.

Megatron: "So wait a minute, if only a Prime can defeat you, and I just killed Optimus, then doesn't that make me more powerful than you?"
The Fallen: ""
Megatron: "Really?"
The Fallen: " last we'll have revenge..."
Megatron: "We're done here."

Sam Ladiesman brings Optimus back to life with a key given to him by an old bag. 2 seconds after Optimus comes back to life, The Darth The Fallen flys in and steals the key. In a battle, an old bag dies of massive heart spark attack and leaves all his parts to Optimus. Optimus then uses the parts to become even more bad-ass and then flys off, blows a hole in Darth Megatrons face, rips The Darth the Fallen's face off, and finally punches a hole through his heart spark and thus, killing him But after the credits, Megatron is just recovering from an attack from Simmons and is laying next to Devastator's dead balls. He says "If I can't destroy your sun, then I'll destroy your planet!

This article is called Star Wars Episode VIII: Revenge of the Fallen. Star Wars Episode VIII: Revenge of the Fallen has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of Star Wars Episode VIII: Revenge of the Fallen can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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