Ooo! Scary Moves

Star Wars Kid was a drunken Jedi who liked to act all tough, and he was also a Human. His lightsaber was just a bettering ram, and he used it to beat up NOOBZ. He was the least experienced Jedi of them all, because he always fell down whenever he fought bad guys. However, one of the skills he did have was never giving up, which is why it's funny when he falls down but then comes back up and tries to fight again. He was very famous in comedy shows, because they always showed videos of him trying to fight someone, but falling down constantly. His home planet was Earth, and during his life there, he would usually try to show everyone his impressive skills.

He was also always mad for some strange reason, but nobody's bothered to ask why, because that's one of the things that makes him so funny. He never laughed, and that's because he was trying to be like most Jedis, because they were always SO SERIOUS. Tell him a very funny, sexual joke, and he won't laugh, because he is so serious. He was quite smart, though, smarter than most of the Jedi. He knew everything about Star Wars, and that's why he might be a nerd.

He currently lives on Tatooine and is planning to move back to Earth, because he is not really getting noticed by most of the Jedi. He is actually the least popular Jedi. But he is still working his way up on becoming the most popular Jedi. So far, he hasn't really been making much progress.

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