Star Wars Miniatures was a historical holo-miniature wargaming system targeted towards nerds. The various game pieces represented various troops and famous figures from throughout the galaxy, and were highly collectible. However, seeing as the galaxy's various citizens preferred to get caught up in whimsical settings, Star Wars Miniatures had always played second fiddle to the fantasy role-playing game Bankers & Bureaucrats.


The game has come under scrutiny for poor representations of the famous individuals featured in it:

  • Kyle Katarn was one of the weakest units in the game. A version of Obi-Wan Kenobi (from the Ahsoka Era, no less) filled the niche that Katarn was supposed to fill.
  • No Puppets were ever released for the game, despite their great influence on the galaxy's events.
  • Wookiees were unable to perform insta-kills on other units, despite the fact that they were perfectly capable of doing so in real life.
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