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"Yours can blow up planets? Well OURS can destroy TWO STAR SYSTEMS AT ONCE!""
―A First Order representative
Starkiller bas

A comparison of the Death Star's

Starkiller base was one of the many attempts by the First Order to one-up the Galactic Empire: a way bigger! Way better! version of the Death Star. But it's not called a Death Star, because Jar Jar Abrahams was too unoriginal to make something new, but Darth Disney said that calling it the Death Star III would cause a predicted loss of 420.69 dollars due to virgin fanboys boycotting the movie, because for some reason those fanboys expected the mouse to not make a terrible rehash of the original films.

It was an instrument of mass PWNage, capable of destroying multiple planets at once by sucking up a star (which is definitely not in any way similar to any other Star Wars superweapon) and blasting it at any star system you want, from anywhere! Then, much like its predecessors, it got blown up by some LGBT flyboys and a janitor.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Jar Jar Abraham Lincolnson, the director of The Force Awakens sat in a room for a week straight racking his brain trying to think of how to do the death star again but not make it obvious. Eventually he just said "Fuck it, I'll just make it bigger." and did another line of coke.