"The Special Forces in the Galactic Empire is the best we got, hell even Chuck Norris gave it a Shot."
Imperial Recruiter

When Joining the Unit Penis Size becomes almost non-existent.

The Stormtrooper Special Forces were a highly alert combat ready yet colorful elite unit among the Galactic Empire. Totally more enthusiastic then there other counterparts these troops were ready to fight and die for the Emperor's whim. Some speculation has occurred this may be a Homo Unit but no incident or occurrences have occurred.

Armor Edit

Dude lol

The Yellow trooper is a girl, then why is her junk bigger?

The Armor the Unit wore was silky smooth and colorful but obviously it worked.

  1. If you are allergic to spandex take some cautions when joining this Unit.
  1. Spooning is definitely allowed but if there are any complaints, someone is getting shot.
  1. When choosing your color there can only be one red guy, so don't be a Jackass.
  1. Males may want to buy smaller underwear during the fight because your Penis will decrease after training. Refusing to heed this rule will probably result in your underwear falling off in the midst of battle, which can be kind of humiliating.
  1. If you do not follow these rules, the Empire will Destroy your planet.

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