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"Hey Revan, have you ever given yourself a Stranger?"
"What's a Stranger??"
"Well you sit on your hand for like half an hour........."
"Uhh, I've been the Mysterious Stranger for a while on Taris."
"And that is why I follow you.
Canderous Ordo and Revan, discussing the Stranger

The Stranger was a Mandalorian technique to keep up morale for soldiers in the field and behind enemy lines. Because Mandalorians were away from their homes and family most of the time, they had to find a way to release sexual tensions. Since the French Echani alternative of Man to Man private time didn't seem like a good idea to the Butch and Manly Mandalorians, they invented the Stranger technique.

Behind the scenesEdit

Darth Darth Binks scorched his butt once in an attempt to give himself a stranger. He had forgotten that he still had an ignited lightsaber in his hand while he sat on it.

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