The Super Carbonite Rave Party was a one time, all out, big-ass party organized by the most happenin' dude in the galaxy: Darth Darth B—sorry, Lando Calrissian. It happened while Sidney Voracious was still reigning terror all over the galaxy. The party was wild, everyone that was anyone was there, and it later became famous for the obscene amounts of spice, carbonite, Twi'leks and Relations involved.

Known Party RosterEdit

  1. Lando — The man himself.
  2. D. Vader — Everything was cool 'til his son arrived.
  3. Sidney — He was there, in the shadows....watching...savoring....umm, ok.
  4. Luke — Everything was cool 'til Vader said, "Good relations with your mother I had," or something like that.
  5. Han Solo — Vader got him totally stoned on carbonite, and he woke up with Leia, Jabba, Chewy, and a dozen other disgusting little critters
  6. Kilroy — He was there.
  7. Darth Obvious — Obviously.
  8. Animal Goldberg Fett, with a special Soul Train demonstration.
  9. Max Rebo
  10. Gonzo
  11. The Rakghouls crashed, but Vader killed them all.

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